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Team Building Experience

Looking to encourage team work, improve morale and engagement, foster innovation and creativity and build trust and team bonds ?
Book with us:
A fun 2 hours Roller Skating experience
Expert hosts
Exciting games that celebrate teamwins
Optional catering

Fun Team Building Experience in Lisbon

If you are looking for a fun and interactive team building event in Lisbon that can improve your teams’ engagement and connection, look no further! We have delivered exciting team building programs, corporate events, office celebrations and activities for the past 2 years.


We started in 2021 as a small gathering that has transformed into a thriving community – a fun and inclusive space for people to come together and have a great time. With several locations in Lisbon to do it from, your group will have a great time participating in our Roller Skating Team Building at the heart of Lisbon.


Organize your next office party and celebration with Roller Skating and stand out in the crowds. In today’s hybrid world, employees can easily feel disconnected from each other and from their work. In fact, up to 67% of workers say they feel isolated from their colleagues and the company and that they are really looking for the opportunity to bond in real life. We suggest you go the extra mile and organize with us a unique team building experience to help your team connect.


If you are looking to encourage teamwork, boost morale and engagement, foster innovation and creativity and build trust and team bonds, this is the right in-person team building experience for your company that can help develop communication skills, build team spirit and get those creative juices flowing, in an attempt to get your team thinking outside the box!


Our team building consists of fun team building games related to Roller Skating like the soul train, games in both small and bigger groups. All the games were adapted to make team wins more valuable than individual players or teams and we have a lot of outside of the box tweaks. Check FAQ here.


Happier team. Better team.

Special events
​2 hours experience
50€/person (group until 15 people)
45€/person (group of 16-30 people)
40€/person (group of 31-50 people)


Special events

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What our family has to say

Tiago Santos


“We were surprised by how original the games were and impressed with the professionalism. The most fun teambuilding we have ever made."

Filipa Fernandes

Casa Serras

“That was the most fun I ever had at work!” MPPC was so original!
The team had an amazing time. We will certainly do it again next year"

Jean Charles

Tech Systems

“They were an absolute delight; very personable and engaging. It was a pleasure meeting them and working with them. 15/10 Will recommend to other groups."

Sónia Andrade


“MPPC was so much fun! The whole team enjoyed the experience and I´ve had nothing but amazing feedback about the event."
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