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Top 5 best places to play Ping Pong in Lisbon

Updated: May 23

Lisbon, the vibrant capital city of Portugal, offers several fantastic places to play table tennis. While the Monsanto Ping Pong Club is probably the most renowned and fun spot, there are other notable venues and outdoor places where you can enjoy this popular sport. Check the top 5 places to play table tennis in Lisbon.

Monsanto Ping Pong Club
Situated in the heart of Lisbon, the Monsanto Ping Pong Club is a well-known community for ping pong enthusiasts. It offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with over 12 professional-grade tables and equipment. The club provides opportunities for casual play, as well as organized tournaments and events.

At this club, it doesn´t matter your table tennis game level and if you are alone, because they make sure that you can always play with someone and have a great time. There is also a focus on socializing, networking, and sharing stories in between the game breaks. They don´t take life seriously, because they know there are more important things like making new friends and having a great time while playing ping pong in Lisbon.

They have two sessions. The first for ping pong beginners from 11am to 1pm and the second for more intermediate and advance from 1 to 3pm. For all sessions they have a community manager that will make sure you are not left alone or without playing and having fun!

They also organize parties, such as, kids birthday parties and adults parties.

For companies you can also find really cool teambuildings events in Lisbon.

Monsanto Park garden
When Monsanto Ping Pong Club started in the summer of 2021, everything was still restricted by Covid so they had to look for places that were outdoor, while allowing to stay active and social. Monsanto Park in Lisbon sounded just like the perfect place. Until the winter came and consequently more wind and rain.

Near the Skatepark Monsanto you can find 4 tables in front of the bathrooms. Unfortunately, the conditions aren´t the best because the tables are old with holes and bounce in a funny way. The floor it´s also not flat but if hearing the birds while playing with significant ball unpredictable effects is what drives you, then this might your kind of adventure.

Campo Grande garden
A beautiful garden in the middle of the residential neighborhood of Entrecampos, this garden has one table where you can enjoy yourself and hopefully have someone pop up at the same time. It´s situated next to McDonald’s and usually there are lot´s of students around, since this garden is surrounded by many Universities.

You must take your own equipment and if for some reason when you go, you can´t find anyone to play, you can always walk to the lake and check if you can rent a boat and have a pleasant afternoon riding it.

Campo Mártires da Pátria
Not so close to the subway, but within a still bearable 15 minutes’ walk, you will find the Campo Mártires da Pátria garden. With two tables available and next to the basketball court you will have to bring your own equipment and hope someone will be there with the same desire. If nothing happens, say hello to the ducks and chickens that walk freely within the garden.

CRPR - Clube Recreativo Piedense
Situated in the nearby town of Almada, just across the Tagus River from Lisbon, CRPR is a recreational club that boasts a ping pong area among its facilities. The club provides a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for players, with friendly staff and well-maintained equipment.

These are just a few of the noteworthy places to play ping pong in Lisbon. Most are either outdoors or professional clubs where you must pay both annual and monthly fee to be able to play. With an amazing indoor space and just 5 min walk from the subway, Monsanto Ping Pong Club is not at the mercy of the weather mood, and you can not only attend the regular events, but also book a coach to whenever is your convenience and with no fixed subscription.

You also don´t have to bring your own equipment or make sure your friends are available, since they have a 2000-member table tennis community of all levels and ages. Whether you're seeking a competitive environment or a more casual setting, you're sure to find these options and enjoy ping pong in this vibrant city amongst the Monsanto Ping Pong Club. You can also choose to participate from the special events like the annual anniversary gathering, Family days, Tournaments, Funaments and so much more.

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